The Gourmand Graduates

The chants of “Allez les bleus” permeated the streets. Cars were honking, flags waving, and kids, parents of all ages were high-fiving as France had advanced to the knockout stages of the 2018 FIFA World Cup. It was during this time an idea to make this website was conceived. We were in Europe pursuing our post-graduate studies and decided to meet-up over a weekend. Dhruv was in Grenoble for an internship relating to his doctoral research and Pradyumn was completing his masters in Coventry.

Our passion for food led us to Lyon, the gastronomic  capital of France. After spending the first half of a sunny afternoon watching the FIFA World Cup, we decided to wander through the channels of the famous market – “Les Halles de Lyon Paul Bocuse”. Every step brought a rumble to our stomachs and a fun giddiness to our heads. Our mouths salivated at the sight of the chefs preparing an assortment of extravagant dishes ranging from a truffle mushroom cream sauce with fresh fettuccine to mouth-watering steak au poivre with morel mushrooms to a decadent chocolate fondant. However, there was one major problem. These dishes cost a fortune!! That begged the question – “Was there a way we could recreate some of these dishes without having to empty our wallets?”


Our passion for travel, coupled with a love for learning and cultural immersion, have led us to answer this very question – The Gourmand Graduates!

By means of this website, we’ll take you on a virtual culinary tour through parts known, as we try our best with the basics (and more!) to recreate famous dishes from every cuisine we have had the pleasure of sampling, as well as share with you some of our own adaptations and creations. All while keeping one eye on the size of our wallets!

In this website, you will not find Michelin star dishes with Michelin star ingredients at Michelin star costs. Instead, you’ll find that we’re just two graduates, with smartphones and growling stomachs, who live to eat, and who learned that there was more to food than just plain cup ramen and baked beans and toast! 

It does not matter if you are a student, bachelor, married, employed, unemployed, love to cook, or are just simply bored. We all have to eat! Might as well make it worthwhile and an experience to cherish with friends, family, and loved ones!

P.S. It also helps that the easiest way to a person’s heart is through the stomach.

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