About Us

“There’s a story behind every meal”

And we’re here to tell you all about it!

We, the hungry gluttons, invite you to join us on our gastronomical expedition, as we roam international and domestic waters, traverse the bubbling cauldrons of dining establishments (fine or not), journey through the fiery kitchens of certain repute, and tiptoe our way across treacherous knives’ edges, all in the hope of achieving culinary utopia.

As our tagline suggests, Bite Me is more than just an ordinary restaurant review blog. We go beyond being a pale imitation of a sophisticated and knowledgable food critic. But not that far beyond! For we not only critique the food we eat, but share the stories behind our dining experiences. Why did we choose that particular restaurant? How did we get there? From birthday treats to weekend brunch ideas to celebratory holiday dining adventures. We’ve got it all covered!

To supplement to our night-time exploits as food critics, we’ve launched The Gourmand Graduates – our attempt at a recipe site, where we try our best with the basics (and more!) to recreate famous dishes from every cuisine we have had the pleasure of sampling, as well as share with you some of our own adaptations and creations.

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