The Gourmand Graduates Founders

Pradyumn Krishnan

Location – Dubai, United Arab Emirates

As the great animated food critic – Anton Ego – once said “I don’t like food, I love it!”

When I am not busy watching movies on my laptop, playing FIFA, or critiquing restaurants, you can find me standing in front of the electric stove preparing breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
I began my “culinary journey” in 2016 when I was tasked (yes, tasked!) with preparing dinner for my family as a special treat for my younger sister’s 17th birthday. 

While I always imagined cooking to be tiring and arduous, I soon became enamoured by the entire process. Since then, I’ve used my love for travel and exploring as a way to delve further into the culinary world.

While in the UK, I began testing the waters with Mexican and Asian cuisines, as well as different meats, while also gaining a penchant for baking (the food kind!) – puddings, lava cakes, cheesecakes, you name it!

Dhruv Seshadhri

Location – Cleveland, United States of America

“Bam!” My culinary journey started at a very young age from watching the nightly episode of Emeril Lagasse on the Food Network.

Food, to me, is more than just a means to get by each day — it’s a way to explore different cultures and traditions.
My journey for food has taken me across the world: from crispy-decadent falafels along the Via Dolorosa in Jerusalem to petite raviolis in a morelle mushroom cream sauce while gazing at the snow-capped Alps in Chamrousse, France; from devouring greek thin crust pizzas on the streets of Chania, Greece; and to eating sugary delicacies in the ancient city of Cusco, Peru.

As a PhD student in Biomedical Engineering, nothing brings me more joy and comfort after a stressful week in the lab than a home cooked meal cooked using cheap and healthy ingredients and a good cup of tea. 

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